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How to Dress Sharp: A Guide to Proper Selection of Men's Shirts

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Dress shirts are one of the most common and important items of menswear. They serve as a focal point for the rest of your outfit and also play an important role in framing your physical appearance and contributing to your physical comfort.

Pick the color of your shirt.

Choosing a color scheme for clothing can be a daunting task. This is due to the fact that the possibilities are limitless. Just like there are various types of men’s dress shoes for every occasion, different colors of shirts are better suited for particular engagements, jobs, etc.

The color wheel is a useful tool for selecting complementary colors. It can serve as a rough guide on what colors look good together by assisting in the identification of complementary and related hues.

(Image Credit: A Man's Introduction To Color | Understanding The Fundamentals Of Color In Men's Style (

This is your basic introduction to colors in menswear and men's fashion, with all the practical tools and as little art school theory as possible.

To further study this topic, please feel free to visit our friends here:

How a dress shirt should fit.

The most important aspect of your dress shirt is the fit. The first and most important step is to find a dress shirt that fits you properly. It's critical to find a dress shirt that's comfortable, fits properly, and looks good on you. And, because you're spending so much money, getting the right size is critical. Refer to the figure below as guidance.


Keep in mind that if the collar and shoulders are fine but the sleeves are too long, you can still have it tailored. Tapering is a simple adjustment, especially when the shirt puffs out.


Shopping For Shirts Online.

Purchasing clothing in a department store is not the same as purchasing it online. Everyone wishes to save money and make wise financial choices, as well as, save time and have less frustration. I'll walk you through the basics of shopping for dress shirts online. Because you don't have the luxury of trying on the shirts, the process of selecting a properly fitting shirt becomes slightly more complicated due to taking additional measurements; however, you will recoup that time by shopping from the comfort of your own home rather than commuting to department stores and dealing with salespeople and the general public.

Know your Numbers.

Before you even consider looking at a dress shirt, you must first determine some critical measurements. Knowing your body measurements is essential to finding a great-fitting shirt, especially if you can't try it on in the store. You will find several links to the online store for dress shirts in later sections of this article. Before placing your order, you will need the following information.

You'll need a tape measure and someone to assist you in taking measurements.


Make the following measurements and record the data to be used when shopping for shirts online.

Measurement 1.

Neck: Place two fingers between the tape measure and the neck, as shown in the pictures, and make sure the tape can be moved easily. The tape measure should not be tightened. Make sure the tape is at the base of the neck, where the neck and shoulders meet, or at the height of the collar if you're wearing a shirt.

Measurement 2.

Chest: Stand tall, relax, and take a deep breath with your hands at your sides. The chest measurement should be taken under the armpits, around the chest. Check that the tape is parallel and that you can easily move it. The tape measure should not be tightened. When measuring, avoid wearing heavy clothing.

Measurement 3.

Waist: Stand up in a relaxed manner, not holding your breath or your stomach in. If you don't have a beer belly, take your waist measurement around the narrowest part of your waist. If you have a beer belly, measure it at its widest point. Check that you can easily move the tape. The tape measure should not be tightened.

Measurement 4.

Hips: Take everything out of your trousers' front and back pockets. The hip measurement should be taken around the widest part of the hips. Maintain a relaxed posture while holding the tape parallel. The tape measure should not be tightened. Check that you can easily move the tape.

Measurement 5.

Shoulder: Stand up straight and tall. From one edge to the other, measure across the top of the shoulder. As shown, place the curved contour over the top of the shoulders. If you are wearing your already properly fitted shirt, measure up to the shoulder seams.

Measurement 6.

Sleeve Length: The sleeve measurement should be taken exactly from the same point as the "Shoulder" measurement. Measure from the tip of the shoulder to the wrist where you want the sleeve to end. Keep your arms straight. If you want to match your dress shirt with a suit, measure the desired suit sleeve length and add 1 cm (approximately 3/8 in)

That is the length of the shirt's sleeves.

You are done with your measurements and ready to explore online deals and variety of beautiful dress shirts!

To complete your entire outfit, don't forget to read our guidance on properly selecting your coats, shoes and watches.

Let's go shopping!




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